Child to Parent Violence & Abuse – Half Day Workshop

CPVA has emerged significantly as an issue for families in the UK over the past five years. This workshop is specifically aimed at practitioners working with families where children are using abusive behaviour towards their parents or who currently appear to be out of parental control

Who should attend:

Practitioners, managers and supervisors working with parents and families in domestic abuse agencies, probation, youth offending, health, therapeutic services, legal services, Citizens Advice Bureaus, education, community groups, housing, police, social services, early help teams, CYP services, adoption & fostering services, PCCs and others.

Benefits of attending:

  • Increase understanding of the reasons that CPVA can happen
  • Dispel the myths surrounding CPVA
  • Understand the social and family context for parents experiencing CPVA
  • Develop further insight into the parent’s experience and perspective
  • Feel more able to speak knowledgeably about the issue with parents and colleagues

Workshop includes:

Introduction to CPVA including a national context and an overview of the Who’s in Charge? approach, how to identify CPVA as opposed to other forms of familial abuse, how to discuss CPVA in the face of shame & guilt, the impact of differing parenting styles for parents of uncooperative children, supporting parents to develop creative consequences, how to empowerment of parents.


Led by Cathy Press, with over 26yrs experience as a Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor specializing in Domestic & Sexual Violence, Trauma, Attachment and Adoption related issues, is Author of When Love Bites, has developed programmes and delivered multi-agency training for 20 years, both in the UK and internationally.

Carole Baker is a Social Pedagogue with 25yrs experience as a Parenting Consultant and Trainer. Carole also led on developing the first UK conference addressing Child to Parent Violence in 2013 and has spoken at conferences nationally and internationally on the topic of CPVA. Carole has worked at a senior level in variety of local agencies including local government, charities and corporate and spent 9 years as a foster carer.

Cathy & Carole have spent the past 12 years leading and developing the Who’s in Charge? Programme in the UK, delivering training to practitioners in CPVA both nationally and internationally. They are passionate about parents being able to access much needed support in the face of this very challenging issue. The WIC? 9 – week programme works specifically with parents of children 8-18 who are using violent and abusive behaviour and appear out of parental control.

3hr Session via Zoom Platform Fee: £45.00 + VAT
For further information please contact: [email protected]

Next available session: 11th October 2023 9.30-12.30