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Child to Parent Violence & Abuse

the most hidden, misunderstood and stigmatized form of family violence

(RCPV Executive Summary, 2015)

It is estimated that 3 to 5% of adolescents are seriously abusive to parents, while others suggest even higher incidence. Gallagher 2008

(Gallagher, 2008)

Met Police figures show reports of child-to-parent violent offences grew from 920 in 2012 to 1801 in 2016 – a 95% increase. Offences of GBH (grievous bodily harm) have increased from 20 in 2012 to 125 in 2016.

(Met Police, 2017)

It was hi-lighted that practitioners participating in the study were lacking in knowledge and were under-skilled as they had not received specialized training on child to parent violence & abuse.

(Wilcox & Pooley, 2015)

Eddie Gallagher has recognized that it is not always possible to persuade young people to engage in work, and that much good could be achieved by supporting parents to consider their situation and to regain a personal sense of power and well-being

Research suggests that support agencies may be unfamiliar with the issue or are not set up to meet the very specific needs of this group of parents and young people.

(Wilcox & Pooley, 2015)

Awareness amongst professionals remains limited with many families describing disbelief and scepticism when they seek support and advice. Behaviour is dismissed as ‘normal’ and just a phase that children are going through. Parents become isolated and the impact on them, their health, work and relationships was described as significant.

(Al Coates, Adoptive Parent & Social Worker)

In 2016, only 40 agencies were identified in a national mapping project – largely through domestic abuse support agencies.


How are agencies responding to CPVA across the UK?
How prevalent is CPVA?
What is child to parent violence & abuse?
Why are children and adolescents violent & abusive towards their parents?

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Carole & Cathy have spent the past 7 years leading and developing the Who’s in Charge? programme and were fore-runners in developing the first UK conference addressing Child to Parent Violence in 2013.


Carole Williams
Cathy Press

In 2005 a survey revealed that 7% of 30,000 calls from parents to Family Lives helpline were about physical aggression from children to their parents.

(Family Lives, 2010)

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